European arts cuts: Dutch dance loses out as Netherlands slashes funding

The Guardian, August 2, 2012

The Internationaal Danstheater had been bracing itself for bad news. In the end, its worst fears were realised.

On Wednesday, the Netherlands‘ Performing Arts Fund, which administers government funding to the fields of dance, theatre and music, announced its allocations and the Amsterdam-based theatre was left empty-handed.

The theatre, which for the past 50 years has specialised in dance productions that focus on different world cultures, had applied for €900,000 (£710,000), far less than the €2.8m budget it was previously allocated. However, on Wednesday it found out that it was getting no public subsidy at all.

The drastic cut was part of a Dutch government decision taken last year to slash the culture budget of €800m by 25 %.

As a result, from the start of 2013, countless theatres, museums and orchestras will see their funding either severely curtailed or, like the Internationaal Danstheater, cut off altogether.

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