The Governing Opposition Party

Chancellor Merkel has managed to quell a full blown rebellion over aid to Greece – for now. But the unrest reveals the growing frustration of her party’s right wing with her centrist tendencies.Handelsblatt Global, March 11, 2015

Angela Merkel may be the dominant politician in Europe, yet back home she is faced with increasingly rebellious forces within her own party.

Conservatives from her center-right Christian Democrats are deeply frustrated with the direction of the government, a right-left coalition with the center-left Social Democrats.

A clear sign of tensions within Ms. Merkel’s own party was the refusal of a sizeable minority to back the government’s support for the extension of the Greek bailout.

While the vast majority of the German parliament, 532 lawmakers, approved the government proposal on February 27, of the 32 who voted against, 29 were from Ms. Merkel’s own CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union. There were a further 13 abstentions.

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