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10 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Claudia Jordão

    Hi Siobhán.
    How are you?
    Mu name is Claudia Jordão, and I’m a brazilian jounalist at IstoÉ ( magazine. I read your article about Sissel Tollas, it is very, very interesting. I would like to interview her to the mag I work at. Could you give me her contact, please?
    Thanks for your help.
    If you need something from Brazil, please ask me.
    Claudia Jordão

  2. Hi Siobhan
    Your recent article on Rukeli Trollman reminds me of the time my father told me about this brave man.
    He came across the story while ‘on duty’ guarding young conscript German marines in the Curragh camp during the ‘Emergency’.
    I use the term ‘on duty’ loosely, as my Da was a full time boxer in the Irish army. At that time many of the young Irish volunteers were impressed by the regalia of the nazi project and there was a hint of ‘the enemy of our enemy is our friend’.
    Luckily enough, my father came under the influence of sports-mad youth from Hamburg who taught this young 17 year old Dubliner to play football the German way, shifting his attention to forging a future in professional game and away from nationalism.
    He remained a staunch fan of German football and would have been very proud of the achievements of the current multicultural team.
    (I hope we can post your copy on our website,
    Thank you
    Ken Mc Cue
    International Officer
    Sport against Racism Ireland

  3. J. cassidy


    why the american English in your Spiegel article??

    Two examples – unskilled laborers

    Is mise


    • siobhandowling

      Thanks for your question. Spiegel International uses American spelling, over 50 percent of the readers are in the US and the website was initially set up by three Americans. Such are the crosses we have to bear.

  4. J. Cassidy


    appreciate the reply.

    “Grauenhaft amerikaniesert” is a phrase I have heard amongst the ahem.. thinking Germans.

    It is nevertheless a shame for such a high quality publication to use such sub-standard English.


  5. Frank Pyne

    Hi Siobhan,
    Really enjoy your posts and tweets and admire your balanced, objective writing style. Just one little thing that niggles me. When I land on this page I immediately get a sort of neglected vibe from it because of the unseasonal photo. I have decided that this picture must be dear to your heart and I know the page is updated regularly, but I am curious about it as I really am prone to instant atmospheric judgements. It did occur to me that you might have left it there because it hasn’t been a great summer so far.
    Keep up the good work.

    Frank Pyne (filterinfrank)

    • siobhandowling

      Hi Frank, sorry not to reply earlier. I took that photograph a few years ago. It’s Müggelsee, a massive lake in East Berlin. The lake was frozen for about a week and hundreds of people were out walking on it on a sunny but freezing winter Sunday.

  6. Justine

    LOVE your blog Siobhan. Nice woik!

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