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Magazine considers reversing ban on professional models after two years

The Guardian, September 3, 2012

Germany‘s top-selling women’s magazine is considering abandoning its use of amateur models barely two years after deciding to banish professional ones.

The fortnightly Brigitte hit the headlines in 2009 when it said it would feature only “real women” in its pages, part of a backlash against the use of ultra-thin professional models in fashion.

However, the magazine is reported to have found working with amateur models a challenge and the move has done nothing to increase sales.

Now, with Stephan Schäfer taking over at the helm as co-editor-in-chief alongside Brigitte Huber, the magazine is reconsidering the policy.

Read More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/sep/03/magazine-reversing-ban-professional-models


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