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European companies squeeze US over death penalty

GlobalPost, October 9, 2012

BERLIN, Germany — Although theEuropean Union calls for the abolition of all capital punishment, several European companies have unwittingly become accomplices of executions by manufacturing drugs used in lethal injections in the United States.

Some are now seeking ways to prevent their products from being used to carry out the death penalty. The latest to join was Fresenius Kabi, a German firm based in the city of Bad Homburg, after the state of Missouri proposed using massive doses of its drug propofol.

It became the first state last May to stop using a three-drug cocktail in favor of the single drug propofol, which is widely used as a sedative and anesthetic.

The decision was prompted by the scarcity of other drugs used in executions, especially the sedative sodium thiopental.

That’s the first of the three drugs normally used in executions, to make prisoners unconscious before the lethal ones are administered.

Its only US manufacturer, Hospira, stopped making the drug earlier this year. Although it’s produced in many European countries, they moved to block the use of their products in American executions. Continue reading

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