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Can Mario Monti stave off disaster in Italy?

GlobalPost, Feb. 9, 2012

BERLIN, Germany — All eyes have been on Greece as it battled to stave off default.

But it is Italy that may well be decisive in determining the outcome of the euro crisis.

Most analysts agree that Italy’s survival is vital if the euro zone is to avoid catastrophe. “The euro zone can do, if needs be, without Greece,” said Timo Klein, senior economist at IHS Global Insight. “But it certainly cannot do without Italy.”

The man leading the rescue mission? Mario Monti, who just three months ago was an economics professor in Milan.

Now the new prime minister, Monti is firmly in the driver’s seat in Rome, tasked with steering Italy away from the precipice of insolvency, and thus protecting the euro zone from a fatal blow. And many analysts predict that if anyone can pull it off, he can. Continue reading

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